Early spring is the perfect time of the year to begin pruning trees and shrubs.  Trees are pruned for safety, health and aesthetic reasons.  

However, removing dying, diseased, broken, rubbing or dead limbs can be accomplished at anytime with little adverse effect on the tree.  

Also, removing wood that could be diseased or infested by insects improves the tree's health.  

In addition, pruning for safety may involve removing branches that could cause personal injury and/or property damage.  Aesthetic pruning can also be done to enhance the natural form of the tree.

The typical methods used to accomplish desired trimming and shaping include pruning to: 

  • Clean 
  • Thin 
  • Raise 
  • Reduce 
  • Restore 

At M & K Tree Service, LLC, we practice the best management practices for pruning, and take into account the time of year a tree flowers, as well as when the tree is susceptible to disease and insects.  

For example, it is best to not prune oak trees between April and mid-July.  

As a rule of thumb, pruning during this period can make oaks highly susceptible to Oak Wilt disease